Coachella (a little late, I know)

Yes, Coachella was two weeks ago, but, in my defense, I have been crazy busy every day since we got back with projects, papers and all the other work that happens at the end of the school year. Luckily though, yesterday was my LAST DAY OF CLASSES! I still have finals next week but I’m just happy I don’t have to go to class anymore haha.

Anyway, Coachella was basically the most fun weekend ever. We stayed at Max’s parents’ rental house in Palm Desert which is a short drive away from the Polo Grounds where the festival takes place. We were lucky enough to get tram passes too so no one had to worry about driving. Plus the tram stop was a 5 minute walk from where we were staying.

We saw so many amazing bands. Friday we saw Polica, Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Modest Mouse, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and a few more that I hadn’t heard of before. Saturday, we saw The Dropkick Murphy’s (this was the funnest show…so much moshing and going crazy), The Postal Service (awesome), Pheonix, The XX, The Violent Femmes, and Hot Chip. Sunday we saw The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The weather was great…not as hot as I thought it would be. On Saturday it was the hottest but we went to this area where you danced and got sprayed by giant waterguns which was fun and refreshing especially since we had just come from Dropkick Murphys where we got really hot from jumping around. I also got a giant bruise on my leg from joining in the mosh pit but luckily nothing worse than that.

It was such a fun weekend with Max, Sammy and Daniel.


Me doing yoga at Coachella!


Me and (from right) Max, Daniel and Sammy

I also had fun inventing a delicious drink for myself. I mixed Smirnoff’s new Light Mango Sorbet vodka with frozen pineapple, pineapple juice and orange juice in a blender and made a delicious alcoholic smoothie that was somewhat healthy as far as alcoholic beverages go. It was also pretty strong (for me, that is…I’m such a lightweight haha).



This weekend I’m headed to Coachella!! I simply cannot wait…I am counting down the minutes until we leave tomorrow night! Class is going to go by so slow tomorrow haha :p Max and I are going with our friends Sammy and Daniel and it is sure to be a great time. We are staying at Max’s family’s rental condo in Palm Desert (really close to the festival). It’s going to be a weekend of adventures!

This week preparing for the weekend was not the best, since I had to do a lot of work on homework in advance since I know I won’t get much done this weekend. Plus, I taught some extra classes and was basically just all over the place. I also did extra workouts to since I’m going to be sporting some crop tops/bikinis this weekend.

Saturday April 6

Taught at Relay for Life at USD which was so much fun but freezing at 7am. It was such an honor to be asked to teach at a wonderful event. After the class, I went home, did some homework then went back to the gym for a 70 minute elliptical interval workout followed by teaching an awesome yoga sculpt class. Somehow I had a TON of energy for that class. That night, Max, Daniel, Joe, Caitlyn and I decided to go line dancing. The place we went is typically about an hour away…it took us 3.5 hours to get there. So. Long. Max, Daniel and I ended up walking the last 4 miles and getting there at the same time as Caitlyn and Joe who were still in the car. We only got to line dance for about an hour but it was really fun!

Sunday, April 7

We didn’t get home until 3am from line dancing so I relaxed a little on Sunday morning. Later, I went to the gym and did 50 minutes elliptical intervals followed by teaching power flow, a 35 minute weight session and teaching vinyasa. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day!

Monday, April 8

I went to a yoga sculpt class taught by one of my friends at USD which was fun. Then headed to class (not fun). In between my classes, I did an abs/cardio circuit class. That evening, I spent at home with my dad and sister and then taught a vinyasa class followed by a power flow class.

Tuesday, April 9

Skipped my morning class to sleep in (bad self…haha). Then went to a 9:15am sculpt class at Ignite Yoga Fusion (love love love) followed by a 75 minute hot vinyasa. Then got my sore butt to school classes for the afternoon. I ended my night teaching power flow and then driving back to my parents house late.

Wednesday, April 10

Woke up at 5am to teach yoga sculpt. So much fun, as always! The best way to start the day before the sun! After the class, I headed back to the house to shower, eat and put all my stuff in the car. Then I went to try a Barre3 class. Barre3 is a new barre studio in the San Diego area. It is a really pretty studio and the class was great! It used a lot more yoga moves than most barre classes, which I thought was awesome. After that, I went to class then spent the afternoon working on homework and packing for the weekend. This evening I taught a vinyasa class which was a really fun, powerful sequence. Now just relaxing and waiting for Max to get home.

Expect lots of photos from Coachella! It’s gonna be awesomeeee! :D





Fun Fitness

It’s been a while since I did a recap! I had a long weekend for Easter last week so there were a lot of fun fitness opportunities as well as time spent with family and friends. I drove out to visit Max and his family in the desert (he was on spring break the whole week so went home earlier) on Wednesday after my classes let out. It was a quick trip because I knew I had to be back to teach early Friday morning, but still very fun and relaxing!

Thursday, March 28

Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs Level 3…this was tough but I thought it was the most fun of all three levels…I was sore after, though!

Tennis with Max! We played for about an hour or so and got 2 sets in. The first set he won 6-1 (though we got to deuce every game!) and the second he won 6-5 (again lots of deuces!). It was fun…we love playing tennis together.

After I drove home, I needed some yoga! I stopped by Ignite Yoga Fusion for a great Ignite 1 class led by Courtney.

Friday, March 29

4:45am came early but I was so thrilled to be subbing the 5:30am Vinyasa Bootcamp at Ignite. VB is my favorite class to teach…it’s a combination of a fast paced vinyasa class with cardio/body weight sculpting moves. Basically, lots of lunges. So. Much. Fun.

After going home to grab some breakfast, I returned to the studio for a double session. Hot Vinyasa taught by Kim and Ignite 1 taught by Kevin. I was tired after that! I spent the rest of the day relaxing, enjoying my family and catching up on homework.

Saturday, March 30

Subbed an 8am Gentle Flow class. So not my normal pace of class but the students really enjoyed it, which made me feel more confident. I’m so used to teaching fast paced, fitness-based classes that it’s weird for me to slow it down.

After that, I took Courtney’s 9:15am Ignite 1, then subbed 10:30 am hot Sculpt 75 (muuuuch more my pace! this was a super sweaty, high energy 75 minutes) then took Kelly’s noon vinyasa. Yes, I spent about 5 hours in the studio – that’s how excited I was to be able to take/teach more classes at Ignite! I seriously love the studio and all the teachers there and miss it when I’m at school and can’t take as many classes there.

My body was tired after that, so I drank a TON of water and then went and got the hour long massage my mom and given me for Christmas (yes, it took me this long to cash it in). It felt reallyyyy good. Though, apparently I have a really weird spine. Like, every 5 minutes the massage lady would say, “Oh. That’s weird.” or “I haven’t seen that before.”

After the massage, I went home and laid on the couch and ate popcorn. I was starving from my yoga filled morning!

Sunday, March 31 (Easter)

This was such a family filled day. My mom and I woke up early and had breakfast and waited for my dad, sister and brother to wake up. Then we opened Easter gifts (I got a $25 Lululemon card and a $10 Starbucks card) and got ready for church. We went to my aunt and uncle’s house for a late lunch.

After we came home, I did Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs, Level 1 (~40 min) followed by P90X Core Synergistics (~60 min) with my dad. I was definiely tired after both of those videos!

Monday, April 1

I woke up and went to an 8am Vinyasa Bootcamp class. So much fun but my legs were on fire! Then, my friend Joe and I went on a hike near my house. It was a pretty easy hike but we had a good time and walked pretty fast so I feel like I got a great workout. It was perfect weather too, which was nice.

Later, I taught a 60 minute vinyasa class followed by a 60 minute Power Flow class. Somehow, I had a lot of energy for power flow at 8:15pm and it was a killer workout.

Tuesday, April 2

Back to school. :p I went to Bird Rock Yoga and did two vinyasa classes, each around 75 minutes. Later, I taught a power flow class. I also registered for fall semester! Senior year can’t come soon enough!

Wednesday, April 3

9am vinyasa flow…this one was challenging and lots of fun! Between classes, I went to a 45 minute circuit workout class. Later, I taught vinyasa at PLNU. Wednesdays are long so I was pretty tired.

Thursday, April 4

9am yoga barre, 45 minute core circuit class

Legs and Arms Workout (repeat 3x) *I used 8lb dumbbells for the first round, 10lb for the second and 12lb for the third)

squat with curl and shoulder press x 15

lunge with bicep curl x 15/side

sumo squat with upright row x 15

Upper Body Workout

bicep curl on machine: 15 @ 20, 15 @ 25, 15 @ 30, 15 @ 35

tricep pull down on machine: 15 @ 20, 15, @ 25, 15 @ 30, 15 @ 35

pull down on machine: 15 @ 20, 15 @ 30, 15 @ 40, 15 @ 50

row on machine: 15 @ 20, 15 @ 30, 15 @ 40, 15 @ 50

straight leg dead lift: 15 with 15lb dumbbells, 15 with 20lb db, 30 with 25lb db

1 min crunches

this workout left me super tired, sweaty and feeling strong! Also hungry. :p

This weekend’s plan:

Friday: 11am vinyasa class, 12:15pm yoga barre

Saturday: teach 7am, 10:15am cycling, 12pm teach yoga sculpt, maybe 5pm C2 vinyasa

Sunday: corepower yoga sculpt, maybe some elliptical, teach vinyasa at 4pm then another at 6:30pm

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Full Body Workout

This morning, I started off my day with a great workout. I went to Point Loma’s gym and did a 35 minute elliptical interval workout followed by a 35 minute incline walk on the treadmill (it was actually working today!). Then, I headed to the weight room for a 40 minute full body circuit.

Do each move for 1 minute; do a total of 2 rounds. 

Set One

bicep curls

alt. backward lunges holding weights

tricep extensions

cross body kicks


Set Two

one legged deadlift with upright row (R)

shoulder press

one legged deadlift with upright row (L)


Set Three

sumo squats

tricep kickbacks


hammer curls

Set Four

jumping jacks

side plank (R)

calf raises

side plank (L)

Set Five

standing split kicks (R)


standing split kicks (L)

chest press in bridge

This was a fun workout and the time flew by. I did two rounds of each set, meaning I did two minutes of each exercise. It took me about 45 minutes with transition time. I took very few breaks in between exercises because I was short on time. However, if you have extra time, maybe do 3 rounds instead of just two.

I followed this workout by doing two short videos. They were both core strengthening pilates/yoga fusion. One was 25 minutes, the other 15 minutes.

Last day of school today! I’m planning on getting a good workout in before classes then heading to the desert to see Max and his family for the day!!




Almost Spring Break…again

I know we just had spring break two weeks ago but I am so ready for the long Easter weekend! This week seemed crazy long though there were definitely some fun parts.

this week’s workouts

Sat. March 16
65 min elliptical
Taught yoga sculpt 55 min
Later I went to the gym while Max practiced basketball. I did a 30 min leg workout and 45 min incline walk on the treadmill.
Sun. March 17
We were supposed to go on a hike but our friends cancelled/overslept :( Max and I played some tennis instead for about 45 min. Later I went to the gym and did 35 min on the elliptical followed by teaching power yoga, a quick arm workout and teaching vinyasa.
Mon. March 18
Wired Fitness Bootcamp 50 min
Cardio/core class 45 min
Taught vinyasa 60 min and power yoga 60 min
Tues. March 19
Corepower online yoga with weights 55 min
30 Day Shred level 1 30 min
Elliptical 30 min
Taught power yoga 55 min
weds. March 20
Wired Fitness Bootcamp 50 min
Insanity Cardio Circuit 40 min
Taught vinyasa 60 min
Thurs. March 21
Elliptical 75 min
heavy weights 35 min
Abs 10 min
Fri. March 22
Six Weeks Abs Levels 1 and 2
Hike Mount Woodson about 7.5 miles of pretty steep climbing! I am still sore from this!
Sat. March 23
Vinyasa 2 75 min
Max and I drive to LA for my grandpas 75th birthday party yesterday it wa an awful drive because of traffic but we had fun once we arrived!



Two Years

Pretty anniversary ring!

Tuesday was my 2 year anniversary with Max! We celebrated on Sunday (we both had super busy days on Tuesday so we planned ahead) and it was great. I was surprised with this gorgeous ring from Tiffany and Co. The photo isn’t that great but it is two interlocking silver rings with Tiffany and Co. engraved on them. I was so happy with it! I love how the two rings symbolize two people.

We spent the day at the Birch Aquarium which was very fun. Max loves fish so he had a great time. We went to dinner at Love Boat Sushi (my mom pointed out the irony of us spending the day at the aquarium and then going to sushi…). I had some delicious veggie rolls and miso soup. Max had some actual sushi. I liked how they gave complimentary edamame. I love sushi because it is filling but I don’t feel overly stuffed after it since I just get veggie rolls.

It was such a fun day and it’s hard to believe that we have been together for two years! We have grown so much together and had a lot of great experiences with each other. We’ve also had some not great experiences (being long distance while I was in London, me going to Point Loma, being in a really bad car accident) but they have only brought us closer together. I fall more in love with him each day and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


The rest of the week was pretty good, just busy. It was so nice during break to really focus on teaching yoga. I love, love, love teaching yoga, but sometimes, during school, I get stressed out and all I really want to do is sleep or drink wine. During break, though, I get reminded that I enjoy my job probably more than is healthy. The extra downtime gave me inspiration for new sequences and it definitely helped my classes this week!

Fitness wise, I”m doing pretty well this week. Sunday I took a semi-rest day and only did 1 yoga class. I really struggle with rest days or even lighter days. It’s something I definitely need to work on. The rest of the week, I did a lot of Corepower classes because my Groupon ended today :( I’m pretty sure I got my money’s worth though…

Sunday, March 10: Corepower Yoga C2 (60 min)… only one workout today which is crazy for me…the rest of the day was spent celebrating my two year anniversary with Max!

Monday, March 11: Corepower Yoga C2 (60 min), elliptical (35 min), taught vinyasa (60 min), taught power yoga (60 min)

Tuesday, March 12: C2 (60 min), yoga sculpt (60 min), taught power yoga (55 min)

Wednesday, March 13: hot yoga (60 min), yoga sculpt (60 min), elliptical (35 min), taught vinyasa (60 min)

Thursday, March 14: C2 (60 min), yoga sculpt (60 min)

Friday, March 15: the plan is to go to Wired Fitness Bootcamp (60 min), vinyasa yoga (60 min), teach yoga barre (60 min)

Saturday, March 16: cycling (55 min), teach yoga sculpt (55 min), zumba (55 min)…that’s the plan…we’ll see if it happens!

Workouts of the Week

Sunday, March 3: Corepower Vinyasa 2 (60 min)…this was the WORST class that I have ever been to. The poses/sequencing was fine but the instructor was actually yelling at people if they were trying to modify a pose. To me that is just not okay. He also kept making disgusting/weird comments. I have never been in such a bad mood after yoga before :p Though luckily I chose to stay after for a Yoga Sculpt class which put me in a better mood! Then I taught vinyasa later that night.

Monday, March 4: Corepower C1 (60 min), Yoga Sculpt (60 min), taught vinyasa (60 min), taught power yoga (60 min)

Tuesday, March 5: 7.1 mile run (70 min), taught vinyasa (60 min), elliptical (35 min), taught vinyasa (55 min)

Wednesday, March 6: bootcamp (60 min), taught vinyasa (60 min), hot power fusion (60 min)

Thursday, March 7: Corepower C2 (60 min), taught Pilates Sculpt (55 min), arm strength workout (25 min), taught Pilates (40 min), taught vinyasa (60 min)

Friday, March 8: Pure Barre (60 min), Yoga Sculpt (60 min)

Saturday, March 9: taught vinyasa (75 min), elliptical (65 min), weights/abs (30 min)

Today I went on a yoga/hot springs trip to the desert with the Outdoor Adventures club at USD. I taught a 75 minute class and then we went in the hot springs. It was so much fun! The only bad part is I seem to have gotten a really bad cold :( I feel pretty awful right now so I will probably sleep early. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because Max and I are celebrating our anniversary! >^.^<

Spring Break!

This week I’ve been on spring break, which has been AWESOME! I swear I could really get used to just teaching yoga every day and having a lot of time to get things done (errands, cleaning, etc.) and still have time to hang out with friends and Max. Too bad I have to get back to school next week :p

I didn’t have anything super eventful planned this break, just picking up a bunch of extra yoga classes since I had time. I taught a class on Saturday, a class on Sunday, two Monday, two Tuesday, one Wednesday and 3 today. I’m also going on a hike/yoga/hot springs trip this Saturday with USD’s Outdoor Adventure club. I get to go on the trip for free, teach a 75 minute yoga class and get paid to do so! I love my job so much!

Sunday, Max and I are celebrating our anniversary. On the agenda: San Diego Birch Aquarium, tennis and the Counter for dinner. Our real 2 year anniversary is next Tuesday (March 12), but since we both have class/i teach until 9pm we decided to celebrate early so we could really enjoy the day together.

On Tuesday, I got a really great run in. It ended up being about 7 miles which is a pretty long distance for me. It was fun because I just kind of ran without planning a route or a time limit. I ran for about 75 minutes from my house in Point Loma to Mission Bay and then back through Ocean Beach. It was a cloudy day which is my favorite kind of day. It was perfect for a run and, for some reason, I love being by the beach on a blustery day. Image

Yesterday, on a trip to Target, I also found this beautiful thing:


A Hello Kitty cup which I will use for wine drinking purposes! Target had a whole collection of Hello Kitty things (mini fridge, microwave, mini vacuum, etc.) so I HAD to get something! This cup was the cheapest thing…and will probably get the most use haha. Though I have gotten a lot of use out of the Hello Kitty popcorn popper my roommates got me for Christmas… I’m a bit obsessed.

The rest of today is going to be spent doing yoga and teaching Pilates and yoga.


Weekly Recap

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope y’all had a great weekend! I’m on spring break this week…it feels soooo good!

Workout Recap for this Week

Sunday 2/24: Yoga Sculpt (60 min), taught Power yoga (55 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min)

Monday 2/25: taught Yoga Sculpt (55 min), cardio/abs class (45 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min), taught hot power yoga (60 min)

Tuesday 2/26: Vinyasa 2 (60 min), Yoga Sculpt (60 min), elliptical (35 min), taught Power yoga (55 min)

Wednesday 2/27: Vinyasa 2 (60 min), Wired Fitness Bootcamp (50 min)

Thursday 2/28: Yoga Sculpt (60 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min)

Friday 3/1: Wired Fitness Bootcamp (60 min), Vinyasa (60 min), lots of dancing!

Saturday 3/2: cycling class (60 min), elliiptical (15 min), taught Yoga Sculpt (50 min)

This weekend was a lot of fun…a great way to end midterms week! It started off Thursday night celebrating my little brother’s 14th birthday with Max and my family. We went to The Counter, which is a burger place, but it was surprisingly good for me too – I got a veggie burger patty on top of a spinach salad. It’s basically a build-your-own kind of thing which is nice for me. Friday I spent the morning working out and detoxing from school. I ran a couple of errands, cleaned and then started to get ready for the dance that night. Max’s fraternity had their bid dance Friday night. It was pretty fun…not the best one we’ve been to, but we always have a good time together. Yesterday, I went to cycling class which was great…my legs are killing me today! Then, I taught yoga sculpt. We focused on upper body so I got a total body workout haha. After I finished teaching, I went back to Max’s and got ready to go to a day party at the beach. It was such a gorgeous day – around 80 degrees.

I’m not doing much this week other than teaching yoga, but it will be so nice to not have to go to classes!!


Weekly Recap

Only one more week of school until spring break!! I’m not going anywhere exciting but I’m just glad to not have to go to class for a week!

Here’s a fitness recap from this week:

Sunday, February 17: Corepower Yoga Sculpt (60 min), taught Power Yoga (55 min), Pinterest workout (15 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min)

Monday, February 18: Wired Fitness Bootcamp (60 min), abs/cardio class (45 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min), taught power vinyasa (60 min)

Tuesday, February 19: Corepower Yoga Sculpt (60 min), elliptical (50 min), strength training (20 min), taught power vinyasa (55 min)

Wednesday, February 20: ran about 6.75 miles (65 min), strength training (35 min), taught vinyasa yoga (60 min)

Thursday, February 21: Corepower C2 (60 min), Corepower Yoga Sculpt (60 min)

Friday, February 22: Wired Fitness Bootcamp (60 min), elliptical (35 min), strength training (30 min)

Saturday, February 23: cycling class (55 min), kettlebell workout (15 min), taught yoga sculpt (55 min)

Lots of great workouts this week! My run on Wednesday was awesome…and totally unplanned. I was supposed to go to a bootcamp class in a park but it rained a lot on Tuesday night and, even though it was sunny on Wednesday morning, they still cancelled it. I didn’t get the email until I was at the park and so I thought I may as well run. It was a pretty chilly day (windy too!) but the run was great.

I’ve also been loving bootcamp workouts. I have a Groupon for 10 classes for $20 which is an awesome deal! The classes are outdoors which is nice and they mix cardio with strength which I love. The routine is changed up every time so it never gets old.

I did my first cycling class yesterday and I LOVED it! The time went by pretty fast and I was sweating the whole time. I’m definitely going to add this to my fitness routine.

This weekend has been fun and relaxing… lots of spending time with Max and my friends. Now I just have to get through this week and finally it is spring break!