Life Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve written! I started this blog in 2012 after I became a yoga instructor and continued writing for about a year. However, for some reason, I stopped writing in 2013. I started using Instagram a lot more to post workouts and pictures (mostly of my cats >^.^< ). A few weeks ago, though, I found myself thinking about this blog and how I want to start posting again. So, I reopened the blog and started fresh! Expect workouts, recipes, life recaps and, of course, lots of cat pictures.

Many things have changed in my life since I last posted. I turned 21 and had the best senior year of college I could imagine. I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. After graduation I started working as a hostess at Draft, a local sports bar right on the beach, and Athleta, Gap, Inc.'s answer to Lululemon. I continued teaching yoga (though on a much smaller scale than I was during college) but struggled to keep my workout schedule when I was working up to 80 hours a week. Gone are the days of 5 hours of yoga a day (which is probably a good thing). I moved in with my boyfriend, Joe, and we adopted to kittens, Shadow and Snickers (expect many photos…I am an embarrassing cat mom) . We live in a cute little house in OB with four other boys, so sometimes life is a little crazy.

I currently am still working at Athleta, teaching a little bit more yoga and working for Just Run, a shoe store. I'm still working a lot (my roommates are surprised if I'm ever home between 7am and 8pm) but have learned to balance my life a little better. I've changed up my workouts and now do a combination of running (OB is a great place for stair runs, sprint workouts, long runs and dreaded hill repeats), weight lifting (getting stronger!), barre classes and yoga. I love the variety and have found that I can do shorter, more effective workouts.

A little photo recap of the year
My baby Snickers and Shadow (in the background)

My baby Snickers and Shadow (in the background)


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